Prayer Requests

Parish Prayer Requests

Harold Barnett (healing and strength) and Colleen

Char Bergene (healing)

Mike Cox (Diana Cox’s husband and Angie Pennock’s stepfather)

LuAnne Debrick (healing)

Grace Donham (healing)

Venie Elliott (healing and discernment)  

Jack Floyd (healing and discernment)

Evelyn Gabbert (healing)

Beulah Johnson (healing and comfort)

Paisley Keith Medlen (blood disorder) (Ed & Vida Hurlbut’s great granddaughter)

Linda Prothe (healing from recent surgery)

Kelley Wallace, prayers for healing

Liz Redd (healing)

Marsha Ratkovic (Pat Barnett’s sister) breast cancer metastasized

Phyllis Stevens (healing)

Verla Thomas (healing)

Betty Ventura (healing)

Suzie Wilcox (ALS)

Paula Weir (for healing) and Bob Weir (comfort and discernment)

Community Prayer Requests

Connie Attebery, friend of Bonnie Wallace

Cheri Cardwell for healing and strength – battling liver cancer

Sharon Davey (health issues) (Grady Atwater)

Kenny Darner, prayers for healing, brother-in-law to Evelyn Gabbert Roxanne Egidy – Brain injury, Marylu Egidy’s niece

Joe Fickel prayers for comfort

Ron and Sandy Galvin prayers for healing and discernment

Judie Halvorsen (wife of Pastor Marvin Halvorsen, 7th Day Adventist Church of 

Osawatomie (COVID-19 and pneumonia-she is in the hospital) 

Riley McDougal (son of Marty McDougal) (healing and comfort)

Debbie, friend of Dee Anne Mendel

Donna Penner (healing and peace)

Robert Sawin -Cancer – Judy Windler’s father

Community Prayer Requests (Continued)

Shelly, friend of Max and Carolyn Servais, has cancer

Cindy Hickey – breast cancer

Lori Martin (Comfort, healing and discernment)

Kim Walker (Comfort, healing and discernment)


Chet Barnett (grandson of the Barnett’s)

Men and women who are now serving or have served in the past.


All those affected by this virus, including all healthcare workers, first responders, and scientists.


Family and friends of Wendy Palsmeier’s aunt (died from COVID-19)

Family and Friends of Mary Jane Cutshaw (Dee Mendel’s aunt)

Family and friends of Rev. William Pfeiffer

Family and friends of Leon Fortney (Debbie Fortney’s father)

Family and friends of Billy “Bill” Rickman

Family and friends of JoAnne Hileman

Heartland Presbytery

Ward Parkway Presbyterian Church, Kansas City, MO

Westport Presbyterian Church, Kansas City, MO

The Open Table – New Worshipping Community, Kansas City, MO

Throughout God’s Creation

Those affected by the wildfires in the US and throughout the world. The devastation from all the current hurricanes, and from the Derecho storm in Iowa.

Also, those affected by Global Warming