Worship Services

New Hope Parish Prayer Requests



Colleen Ewan (healing)

LuAnne Debrick (healing)

Verla Thomas (healing)

Betty Ventura (healing)

Marsha Ratkovic (Pat Barnett’s sister) breast cancer metastasized

Mark Young (LuAnne Debrick’s grandson) pancreatic cancer

Harold Barnett (healing and strength) and Colleen

Margaret and Elizabeth Davidson

Meng Her (friend of Pastor Paul) (intestinal problems)



Joe Fox (comfort)

Venie Elliott(healing and discernment)



Suzie Wilcox (ALS)

Sharon Davey (health issues)

Paula Weir (for healing) and Bob Weir (comfort and discernment)

Mike Cox (Diana Cox’s husband and Angie Pennock’s stepfather)

Jack Lloyd and his daughter (healing and discernment)

Joyce Maxwell (hospice)

Evelyn Gabbert (healing)

Liz Redd (healing)

Linda Prothe(healing)



Chet Barnett (grandson of the Barnett’s)

Men and women who are now serving or have served in the past.



All those affected by this virus, including all healthcare workers,

first responders, and scientists.


Heartland Presbytery

Southridge Presbyterian Church, Roeland Park, KS

First Presbyterian Church, Savannah, MO

Warriors of Light – New Worshipping Community, Kansas City, MO

Please pray for all the Honorably Retired, at-large members who are not currently serving churches, all Ministers serving in validated ministries, and support staff of the churches each week.

Ron Galvin, Sandy and his family upon the death of his mom. And, for continued healing for him.

The sick, their caretakers, and the rest of us trying to stay safe, and sane, during this pandemic.